Ordering Prints
Ordering Prints
For the moment, I do not have any direct way to allow you to order prints from this website. However, most of my prints are for sale, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote. I offer both simple prints and framed prints, however depending upon your location (I am in France), large frame sizes may be very expensive to ship and insure.
To find the name of the print you would like to buy, you can use the Flash Navagation Info Button button found between the arrows on any gallery page. This will also tell you the location and year of the photo.
Available Sizes
Here is a list of standard sizes:
  • Print: 20cm x 30cm (Frame: 30cm x 40cm)
  • Print: 30cm x 45cm (Frame: 50cm x 65cm)
  • Print: 40cm x 60cm (Frame: 60cm x 80cm)
I can print at any size, so if you require other formats, please let me know. Most of my prints can be printed up to 100cm wide / tall, and some up to 150cm.