Nathan Kendall

About Me
Living in the Paris area for the last 6 years, I developed my love for photography while wandering the streets and suburbs of this beautiful place. At first I was seduced by macro photography, but my love for architecture soon had me looking at structures and space from all angles. I strive to use the camera as a tool to look differently at what exists, and I’m not afraid of using today’s manipulation techniques to transform a photo to match my desired outcome. My purpose is to create art; the means to that end is less important.
Me online: Utata.org, Flickr
About This Site
Website creation is a hobby of mine, and for this latest creation I’ve combined customized flash content (built on top of Slideshowpro) with a WordPress based framework. I threw in a little jQuery and alot of php tinkering, and I ended up with a relatively dynamic platform which is easy to maintain and build upon. If you have any questions about how this site functions, feel free to drop me a line.
I originally created a flash-only version of this site, which I have left online. This project launched me into flash, however I abandoned it in favor the much more flexible nature of html, and used much of what I learned to build this site. Feel free to have a look.